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Industry Specific features


Chemical Importers and distributors have unique needs because of the hazardous nature of the products, and the regulations on those products the tracking needs to be a little tighter.

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The need for a display and analysis of Product Specifications is essential in the chemical industry. VISCO allows the user(s) to specify the precise specifications associated with a given shipment of a product, and to provide documentation of these specifications to both their suppliers and their customers. The user can store the purchase order specifications and compare them to a vendor's Certificate of Analysis ensuring that the product they are receiving is exactly what they asked for.

They can in turn provide that analysis for a customer who requests a product with specifications they previously identified. VISCO actually compares customer needs to product specs, to ensure that the product fits the requests of the customer.

There are also special functions built in for Chemical Brokers that allow the user to manage "Contracts" or Linked Sales Orders and Purchase Orders all from the same screen.

The flow of the Certificate of Analysis within the system is easy to follow and easy to use. However, if your company does not give specs to vendors, receive them from customers, or receive Certificates of Analysis during the importation process, the system does not complicate your processes and will not perform the associated checks. You may simply store the document as an attachment associated with the order. Other Chemical specific features include:

  • EPA regulations compliant
  • DA regulations compliant
  • CAS number
  • Pricing based on product purity
  • Non-Wood Statement
  • TSCA Registered
  • Hazard Class/Label/Description
  • NDC Number
  • ANDA Number
  • DMF Number
  • Molecular Weight
  • MID
  • Mixture Components   

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The food importing and wholesale distribution industry has tight regulations and more complex issues regarding weight tracking at the unit level. Specifically, some food imports have the issue of random or catch weights where each unit is coming in at a diffeent weight. We work with meat and cheese importers to ensure that the weight of every heel or carcass is tracked from the overseas supplier, to the container, the the warehouse, and all the way to the customer.

Other specific needs include lot tracking and expiration date tracking. VISCO endures that you are allocating specific lots to customers and can even make sure that those lots meet the customer specification requirements. VISCO is designed to address this industry by providing the following features.

  • FIFO orientated
  • Random weights or catch weights
  • Preliminary or pro-forma invoices
  • Complex product grouping and identification process
  • FDA, EPA regulations
  • Unit level tracking and lot tracking
  • Tight shipment tracking to prevent goods from perishing
  • Split case sales
  • Wholesale
  • Items sold by pc, lb, kg, ea, case etc.

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VISCO was designed to meet the specific needs of the textile industry by including features such as:

  • Grouping merchandise by style, size, color
  • Remote Access for manufacturing facility over seas
  • Allocation system to "ear mark" inventory that is either "in transit" or still at manufacturers facility
  • USTA #
  • Bar Code integration available
  • Vendor Evaluation to track "lateness" by vendor

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